Testing for Radon in Homes in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill & Beyond

To give you an idea of how Raleigh Radon’s digital radon testing works, we’ve described our general process below. However, we are typically very flexible and can modify this process to best suit your needs.

Please contact us at 919-205-8180 or via the form to the right if you have any questions at all.

Our Radon Gas Detection Process

1. Determine your timeline.

Testing your home's indoor air radon levels requires a minimum of 48 hours using Raleigh Radon’s continuous radon monitors. If you are on a strict timeline (i.e. in a real estate transaction), please keep this constraint in mind. For more information regarding when to schedule the radon test, please visit our When to Schedule the Radon Test page.

Sometimes we can start a test the same day you contact us, but we can't guarantee we'll have a testing monitor available without a few days' notice.

2. Prepare for "closed-house" conditions.

iStock_000006140277MediumRadon levels fluctuate from day to day and from season to season. They also vary depending on an occupant's lifestyle — opening windows, using exhaust fans, using ceiling fans, etc. Short-term radon tests measure the potential radon level in the home. The goal is to determine a "worst-case scenario" regardless of the homeowner's actual living conditions.

To standardize radon gas testing and to remove any lifestyle bias, "closed-house" conditions are required for the duration of the test. These conditions include keeping all windows and exterior doors closed (other than normal entry and exit), and keeping all fans turned off in the room where the monitor is located.

Preparing for "closed-house" conditions is especially important when testing a new construction home. Testing should not be conducted when contractors will be coming and going or when work is being performed on the house. To avoid interference, radon tests for new homes are typically conducted over the weekend — we usually set up the radon monitor on a Friday and put it on a 12-hour delay so the test runs only on Saturday and Sunday.

To ensure that homeowners and/or contractors are aware of the "closed-house" requirements, Raleigh Radon will post notices in the home at the time of the test.

3. Schedule your test.

Once you have determined your ideal testing period and can ensure "closed-house" conditions, please contact Raleigh Radon to schedule your radon test in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest or surrounding areas in the Triangle.

For your convenience, we provide three different methods for scheduling:

To expedite the scheduling process, please provide the following information:

    • Client's name, phone number and email address
    • Real estate agent's name, phone number and email address (when applicable)
    • Desired start date (and any other inspection dates)
    • Property address
    • Property access method
    • Payment method

We'll confirm your request within a few business hours (if not immediately), and we'll collect any missing information that we need.

4. We'll conduct the radon test.

Raleigh Radon will travel to the property to set up the continuous radon detector. If the client, homeowner, or agent is present, we'll explain the "closed-house" conditions and answer any possible questions.

We'll post a radon test notice in the home and leave some literature and contact information next to the monitor in case there are any lingering questions or concerns.

All windows and exterior doors will be closed, and dehumidifiers and fans will be turned off in the room with the monitor. The thermostat will be set to 64-78 degrees.

The continuous radon monitor will take 48 hourly radon measurements to determine an overall average radon level. The monitor also has a motion detector to provide indication of possible tampering.

5. Receive the test results.

When Raleigh Radon returns to the property to retrieve the radon detector, we'll immediately know the test results.

A complete radon test report will be emailed to the client and/or the real estate agent the same day. The report will include all 48 hourly measurements in addition to the average radon level. If the radon levels are elevated, we'll provide information about radon mitigation. If you have questions about your radon test report, please visit our Report FAQ page.

6. Pay for your test.

To provide flexibility to our radon testing clients in the Raleigh-Durham area, Raleigh Radon accepts three different payment methods:

You can pay by credit card anytime on our website, and you'll receive an immediate email confirmation of payment.

Raleigh Radon offers testing for radon gas in Apex, Cary, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Creedmoor, Durham, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Hillsborough, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Raleigh, Rolesville, Wake Forest and Youngsville.